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Animated Life

[Animation:couple kissing at restaurant table] Dave and I celebrated our 36th wedding anniversary this year (2005). He is my love, my soulmate and my best friend. We met in Poughkeepsie NY when I joined a fencing class. He was the instructor.

[Animation: Businessman juggling briefcase]

Dave has enjoyed juggling since he was in junior high. He occassionally teaches juggling classes. Juggling comes in handy with his busy schedule as a programmer at Daugherty Systems. He also enjoys playing the didgeridoo (an Australian aboriginal instrument, perhaps the oldest musical instrument in the world).

[Animation: Choir singing] My love of music includes singing as well as playing the piano. I sing tenor in the Eliot Chapel choir and alto in the Missouri Choral Society. Yes, there are female tenors. Tenors are often needed more in choruses than altos.

[Animation: Small white cartoon cat running accross width of the page, stops to sleep in middle]

Also see my section on Flash for more even powerful animation.