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This page is devoted to multimedia viewed in the Flash Player by Macromedia. It includes examples I've created and links to Flash resources. Links open in a new window.

You probably already have the Flash Player on your computer. The latest version may be obtained for free at Macromedia Flash Player. (Downloading it takes about 5 minutes.) You can download a free 30 day trial of Flash for developing Flash at Macromedia Flash Trial.

Here are some examples of Flash. I developed these with Flash 5.0, but most can be viewed with Flash Player 4.0.

The Beginning Web Animation with Macromedia Flash 5 at Barnes and Noble University is a great course. Their online classes are free, although they encourage you to buy the texts from Barnes and Noble. There are lots of good Flash tutorials on the web, but this class fit my need for a more organized way of learning Flash. My class exercises are posted at BNU Flash Class.

Flash Resources

Art's Website - Notes and examples from a college professor's (and authorized Macromedia training provider's) Flash class. These are helpful and well done.

Find Tutorials - Lists almost 80 sites with Flash tutorials.

[Link:Flash Kit]Flash Kit - A Flash community. Games, movies, chat, tutorials, utilities, news, reviews and many more Flash resources.

FlashMove - A Flash developers community.

Ipopper - This great example of a Flash website also has tips on using Flash and a CD to purchase (both on their Behind the Scenes page)

Macromedia Flash - Software, training, resources and support by the creators of Flash. Other helpful Macromedia links:

Swish - Inexpensive alternative for developing Flash. I have not tried it.

[Link:Training Tools]Training Tools - Free online course on Flash 5 and many other products. Expanded services are available for a $50 registration and $10/month membership fee at the Training Tools homepage. Other free courses are also listed there.

Ultrashock - Tutorials and Flash samples.

[Link:Virtual-FX]Virtual-FX - Great tutorials and other resources.

W3Source - Tutorials, forums, book reviews and more.

Were-Here - Tutorials, forums and resources.

Wildform - Free Flash tutorials. Also an inexpensive swf creation tool for sale. (I have not tried this tool.)