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These exercises and assignments are posted by Dotty Storer (id DottyS at BNU). They require the Flash Player. See below for instructions for obtaining the latest version of Flash Player for free. Please also visit my Flash page for more flash examples and links to Flash resources.

  • Lesson 1 example - Image of flying saucers. Flash's scalable vector graphics really do save space and speed load time! This file is 3K as a Flash movie and 83K as a jpeg file.
  • Lesson 1 assignment - Image of sphere, box and cylinder with shading.

  • Lesson 2 example 1 - Changing expressions on the smiley face illustrate shape tweening.
  • Lesson 2 example 2 - The moving spaceship illustrates motion tweening following a motion path.
  • Lesson 2 assignment - Spinning globe. I copied the map provided and placed the 2 maps side by side, created a motion tween for the combined map to move accross the screen, created a mask layer for the map and water layers and added an action sript to the last frame of the map layer to go back to frame 1. You can download the fla file in this zip file.

  • Lesson 3 example - A reset button and sound is included with this spaceship.
  • Lesson 3 assignment - The cow is actually a button. Move your cursor over the cow and then click it. You can download the fla file in this zip file.

  • Lesson 4 example - Press the button to spin the wheel and win an (imagiunary) car. ActionScript controls the spinner and opens the homepage of the chosen car. Sorry. No cars are actually given away. You can download the fla file in this zip file
  • Lesson 4 assignment - Press the button to roll the dice. I added movement to the dice and a display showing the sum of the dice. You can download the fla files in this zip file.

  • Lesson 5 assignment - Click the cows to zap them with the flying saucer. The lesson exercise created this scene with 3 cows and the assignment was to add the fourth cow. You can download the fla file in this zip file.

  • Lesson 6 assignment - The exercise in lesson 6 added a preloader to entertain the user while loading the larger objects in the movie. The assignment converted the cows to a symbol to save download time and created a standalone executable version of the movie. The frame loading the cows was reduced from almost 4 kb to about 200 bytes; converting to a symbol made a big difference. Download the stand alone version with this zip file. Download the fla file in this zip file.

These exercises and assignments are for the Beginning Web Animation with Macromedia Flash 5 class at Barnes and Noble University. Their online classes are free and they encourage you to buy the texts from Barnes and Noble.

You probably already have the Flash Player on your computer. The latest version may be obtained for free at Macromedia Flash Player. (Downloading it takes about 5 minutes.) You can download a free 30 day trial of Flash for developing Flash at Macromedia Flash Trial.