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This feline is a lot bigger than our cats. Our beloved calico cat Freckles lived to be more than 20 years old. Lily and Cricket are now purring their way into our hearts. Lily is shy and Cricket is full of exuberance. I remember camping on the top of Mt. Dan behind my childhood home in Sturbridge, MA. This picture reminds me of the view of the lake below when we awoke.

The music you hear is Bach's Well Tempered Clavier Prelude no. 6 in d minor, as recorded by Pierre R. Schwob.

I enjoy gardening. The clematis is one of my favorite flowers. Did you know that marigolds protect other plants in your garden from many bugs? Click here for information about companion planting. Music is one of my passions. My piano sits in the livinging room in front of the bay window, overlooking our shaded front yard.