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This page is intended to help those who are having trouble viewing my web pages. Move within this page by selecting Browser Versions , Page Formating , Frames versus non Frames , Advertising , Sound, Privacy.

Browser Versions

These web pages are best viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) version 4.0 or higher. You may also use Netscape Navigator or Netscape Communicator version 4.0 or higher. You can get them at download Internet Explorer or download Netscape. These browsers have versions for Windows, Macintosh and Unix and come in other languages as well as English. All these browsers are free.

Microsoft and Netscape sometimes use different terminology for the same concept. For example Favorites = Bookmarks and Refresh = Reload. Macintosh controls are also different than on the PC. When my instructions use right-click, try holding down control, option or command while clicking on the Macintosh.

I've created these pages using Microsoft IE and also test them with Netscape Communicator, Mosaic and AOL.

Page Formating

This website uses cascading style sheets (CSS) to format the web pages so they will be consistent. If your browser does not support CSS, these pages will not be as pleasing but you should still be able to read them. Upgrade to one of the browsers recommended above for best results.

The current format is a wallpaper stripe of hydrangea flowers in shades of lilac and dark green leaves down the left with the body of the page on the right over a grey-green background. Titles and menu items are in lilac, text is in light green and links are in shades of violet. Graphics for the hydrandea wallpaper, buttons, bars and other matching graphics were created by Graphic Pat.

For visually impaired users, each image has been labeled with a text alternative. The exception is images provided by other sources that I cannot conrol (cgi scripts and 'Things').

Frames versus non Frames

What is a frame? A frame divides the web page into sections so each section can act independently. Each section is saved as a separate file on the web server. Search Engines don't handle frames well and index only the content of individual frames, listing the individual frame in their directory - often losing associated menu information.

I originally developed this site with frames in 1999, but eliminated the frames in August 2001..


This site is supported by ads from Google. I hope these will provide interesting links for you.


You'll need a sound card and speakers to hear the music and other sounds available on these pages. Sound is never an integral part of the content, so you won't miss a lot if you don't have sound capability. If your computer does support sound and you don't hear any sound where you expect it, check that your speakers are connected and turned on and that the volume is not muted.


This site does not collect personal information.